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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  February 6, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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a lot of folks on edge around here with that suspect still on the loose. it has been over 11 hours since is happened. this is the house it happened at. the streets right around are blocked off and peeved -- police are still unseen trying to figure out what happened here. >> we have learned the victim was a beloved music teacher with deep roots in alexandria. for 20 years, ruthanne lodato taught for music together alexandria teaching out of this church in the city's delray neighborhood. it is just shocking. >> neighbors say she was a mother of three and lived in this home with her husband and elderly mother. take carer who helped of the mother was the other person shot. police say she will survive. police say the suspect knocked on the door and when it was opened, he opened fire, hitler. oh and the caregiver and fled. and the caregiver
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and fled. the shooting left neighbors on edge and several nearby schools on lockdown. despite a massive manhunt, the suspect was not found nearby. >> this is a pretty nice neighborhood. i grew up on the corner here. >> the suspect is described as an older white man, balding with gray hair and a beard. >> it is kind of unsettling. >> many in this community are taking the death of ruthanne lodato hard. one mother says lodato taught her three kids to love music and said she has done the same for countless other kids around here for at least the last 20 years. they are still looking for the suspect in her murder. live in alexandria, tom roussey, abc 7 news area >> thank you very much. anger mixed with heartbreak tonight.
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just feet from where an elderly man took his last breath. family and friends of cecil mills, the man who suffered a heart attack outside a d.c. fire station. firefighters and emts inside the station did nothing to try to save mills' life. jay korff is live near the fire station on what has been an emotional night. >> loved ones came to this vigil to get together, to be together, to express their joy in having known cecil mills. they also came to express their outrage. can we come in like we love each other? >> family and friends converged feet from where 77-year-old cecil mills collapsed in cardiac arrest on january 25. his son used the sidewalk as a pulpit. >> we thank you for these people that have gathered on this night to declare change must come. >> the outrage stems from a suspected injustice that rocked this family and shocked this city. last month, mills fell to the
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ground right across the street from a fire station in northeast washington. despite cries for assistance, firefighters did not cross to help. an ambulance from another station eventually came but mills died there that day. >> mayor gray, let this not go. let this not go unpunished. >> the lieutenant in charge filed for retirement. another firefighter is on leave, the rookie who handled the initial plea for help has been reassigned. the fire chief who ducked questions for days insist a full investigation is being conducted. >> we remain committed to getting to the bottom of the matter. keith has been talking for months about his agency's critical need for improvement. if only it had happened sooner. >> we have to have it. we have to have it. change must come.
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investigation is expected to wrap up in a matter of days. cecil mills will be buried on saturday. live in northeast washington, jay korff. >> thank you. a possible break in the disappearance of a missing police reservist. our sister statement -- station in richmond reports kevin quick has been found. the body was found in goochland county. virginia state police have not confirmed that the body found is that of quick. night, police arrested mersadies shelton and daniel mathis in connection with the stolen suv. shantai shelton was arrested as well on an outstanding warrant. found in siblings were an alexandria hotel. >> earl mitchell, the man police have been looking for all day is now in custody and he is wanted for murder in pennsylvania. prince william county police tell us mitchell led officers on a chase this morning and then took off after hours at large. mitchell is under arrest.
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live in manassas. >> here is what sources are telling abc 7 about how that capture went down. the suspect apparently broke into a home not far from here on mineral springs way and was cutting his hair. two roommates in that house apparently called their landlord to say, who is the new mystery tenant? that is when they put two and two together and called police. this manhunt was over hours after it began. more than 100 police officers from multiple agencies spread out over the lake jackson area. they went door-to-door, even checking shrubbery in a methodical hunt for the suspect. >> it is a scare for everybody. we have been making sure that all of our doors are locked and we have been looking out the door a little bit just to make sure nobody is around. >> they were looking for this man, 20-year-old a roll mitchell, wanted -- earl mitchell wanted by police.
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after police tried to make a traffic stop, mitchell took off running. >> the city had officers your very quick. we were able to lock down the area pretty tightly. >> officers cordoned off streets and set up roadblocks. the search cap some residents out of their homes for hours. >> there was a police man in a bullet-proof vest carrying a big gun. it is really surreal. >> as a precaution, an elementary school went into secure status mode. students were kept inside late into the evening. parents lined up to show their ids to take their children home. >> they implemented locks, secured doors all day long. that makes everybody feel a lot safer. police tell us the suspect is being questioned tonight and they promise to have more details, morning. life in manassas, roz plater. >> new developments in an exclusive investigation tonight.
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federal prosecutors are taking over the investigation into a deadly police shooting at fairfax county. john geer was shot and killed last august. his death followed an hour-long standoff with police in springfield. during the investigation ray morrogh says he ran into a conflict of interest, propping him to reach out to federal prosecutors. before today's decision, our northern bureau chief spoke with him. they questioned by prosecutors have not filed charges in five months after that deadly shooting. >> a mysterious loud boom and the ground trembled. did residents in ocean city feel an earthquake? it was in fact a sonic boom. the result of two supersonic jets taking off from the naval air station. they were doing routine training exercises. at the time, many residents didn't know what to think. >> it vibrated the whole house.
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i thought it was on the day. >> no damage was reported. >> a break in the forecast but many are still paying the price of this week but freezing rain and sleet. we have an update on that in just a minute. first, doug has a look at the forecast. >> pretty quiet tonight. as we head into the weekend, a chance of some light snow. 32 now outside belfort furniture weather center. 27 in hagerstown. 32 in quantico. partly cloudy overnight into the early morning. 22 to 28 degrees. we will have a nice warm up with a lot of sunshine, light southwesterly winds. as we head into saturday and sunday, clouds roll in. we have a chance of snow showers over the weekend. next week, more chances for winter weather. we will highlight that in a couple of minutes. >> thank you.
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tonight, still more than 30,000 people without power in maryland following the ice storm. many outages are in frederick county. utilities companies say it could take until saturday for all residents to have electricity once again. >> new concerns about the safety of drinking water in west virginia following a massive chemical leak. five schools closed down after staff reported water had the same strange smell as after the chemical spill. that the water is safe and unlikely to cause health problems. decided a former arlington sheriff's deputy will spend six years in prison for the death of julian dawkins. he was shot and killed in alexandria in may 2013. in december, craig patterson was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. at today's. hearing, patterson said he was deeply sorry.
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>> a centuries-old bridge once owned by thomas jefferson has been sold. this 90 foot long rhinestone bridge in virginia is naturally formed. a real estate developer sold the acreage surrounding the bridge, the whole package including cabins and a hotel for 8.6 malian -- $8.6 million. a conservation group bought the land and plans to make it part of the state park system. >> one day before the opening ceremonies and new security concerns. tonight at the winter olympic. >> why the tsa issued a ban on all carry-on liquids on a flight to russia. >> potentially life-saving information from the american heart association. what women need to watch out for. what women need to watch out for. >> how you may be
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and when courtney is sick and e cold in her own home... it just breaks her mother's heart. courtney is winning her fight with leukemia, but her mother had to quit working, and the heating bills just keep piling up. my little pal, dylan, continues his fight against cancer, while his dad works two jobs to keep food in the fridge and oil in the tank. lyndsay's mother still struggles to keep the heat on, ...even though lindsay, thank goodness, is in remission. citgo petroleum, the people of venezuela and president maduro are once again the only oil company, and the only country, to answer our call to provide heating assistance to the poor. they make it possible for non-profit citizens energy to deliver millions of gallons of heating oil to families in need. i'm joe kennedy. if you need help, call me at 1-877-joe-4-oil. because no one should be left out in the cold.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00 with leon harris, alison starling, chief meteorologist doug hill weather and tim brant sports. this is abc 7 news at 11:00, on
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your side. >> a new threat and warning surrounding the winter olympics. the transportation security administration issued a ban on liquids, gels and aerosols for carry-on bags on all u.s. flights to russia. u.s. officials fear terrorists will try to smuggle expletives on board in toothpaste tubes. >> there are a number of specific threats of varying degrees of credibility that we are tracking. >> some 40,000 russian security forces are patrolling sochi and the city outskirts to prevent any terrorist attack. opening ceremonies will take place tomorrow. >> he and friends gathered in new york to say goodbyes to philip seymour hoffman. hoffman was found dead on sunday of a suspected heroin overdose. police report that he still had a syringe in his arm at the time. drug dealers were arrested in connection to hoffman's that. one of them has been released.
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>> seven is on your side with a health alert for women. the american heart association released guidelines aimed specifically at women to reduce the risk of stroke. the guidelines recommend women be checked for high blood pressure before starting birth control. it also says women with a history of high blood pressure before pregnancy should consider taking low-dose aspirin. another recommendation, all women over the age of 75 should be screened for atrial fibrillation which quadruples the risk of stroke. >> is oprah headed back into the limelight? the new york times is reporting she is in talks to make a broadway debut. the director of the pulitzer prize winning play is aiming for a 2015-16 season. he is in talks with winfrey but declined to give details. >> jimmy kimmel is hosting a special guest tonight. he has the cast of the monuments men on his show tonight at 11:30
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. >> that includes matt damon. >> why are you looking at me like that? >> you asked me a question. >> asked me a question. what is your problem? how is that for a question? >> that is his first time act on the show since he kidnapped kimmel and hijacked the show last year. that was a funny series. see what happens tonight immediately following this newscast. [laughter] >> i am sure there are more laughs to come. what have we got to come in the weather? >> very quiet weather tomorrow, beautiful friday. clouds and light snow on the weekend but not a major snowstorm. may i repeat that? light snow, that is it. today, this is the highest temperature and lowest temperature in the country. miami, 85. this morning, west yellowstone -- it is cold, booboo.
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30 -- 47 below zero. we are pretty tame compared to that. those numbers below are average for february. look at the records set in the state six years ago. 74 degrees. we will see temperatures climb tomorrow into the 30's and near 40. 2010 teens and the farther north and west. in the cold areas, we are seeing numbers below zero. what we find tomorrow, high-pressure and an area of rain moving across the carolinas and southeast virginia. that will push out. we will have a lot of sunshine and a nice day. as that system moves out, our attention turns to the west. a couple upper level systems to keep an eye on here as we head into the day tomorrow night and into the weekend. the first area of low pressure will be on saturday.
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some rain in parts of california, snowstorms in portland. they are split. there is a split flow in the atmosphere. the only way to get a blizzard here is for a superstorm to develop along the coast with a we will have two opportunities for light snow during the day saturday and sunday evening. that will be that. this has picked up a little bit with our futurecast. to the west, we are watching saturday's low pressure system moving across the plains. there is the one from saturday. give us a little bit of snow late in the day. no big storm, a dusting, maybe topside an inch or so. generally, look for snow showers. 39 to 43 degrees tomorrow with partly cloudy skies and very pleasant friday. on saturday, you see the
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possibilities of snow. temperatures only in the 30's, snow showers, light accumulations. we will clear that on monday and tuesday. there could be another system coming in on wednesday and thursday. that one looks a little healthier. >> very good. thank you. >> i heard that you the four letter word. john wall makes it official. shanahan talks about rg iii and the crowd -- the caps turn on the jets.
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toyota sportse desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> the capitals started the night as one of the three teams in the eastern conference with 59 points in the standings. had two home games before the olympics and took advantage of it. they knew they had to take advantage of them. pickss the winnipeg jets, it up in the third period. sirenvechkin starts the with his 40th goal of the year. 3-2, washington. shot, past the pavelec. the caps beat the jets for the sixth time in a row. caps on devils on saturday. for basketball fans, john wall
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will participate in the nba dunk contest on saturday night. bradley beal will try to become the second wizard to win the contest. what a great story this has been for wall. he was suffering a stress injury about a year ago. now he is headed to new orleans, his first all-star game. he will be in the dunk contest. it is a great year for wall. he had a lot to consider before agreeing to the dunk contest. >> [indiscernible] the season is more important than the all-star tournament. now, you probably know by kyle shanahan is the new offense of court nader of the cleveland browns. today he met the media and was asked about his relationship with rg iii. it is pretty well documented, kyle n griffin didn't always see i die. eye.mes -- see eye to
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in games, that does not always give good results. >> it was not easy. nothing is easy when you go through something like that. , do believe going through it robert and i in the long run, it made both of us better. when robert and i look back on it, i am appreciated of the stuff you give for me -- appreciative of the stuff he did for me. >> to the most powerful city in the world, pebble beach. james hahn, 74 yards. out. like a yo-yo. look for that whole. gives his caddie the chest bump. round.ith the first finally, maryland, no contest. they win by 48 points. maryland beats pitt 94-46.
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10th-ranked and climbing. >> excellent. >> all right. next, cardio work.
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>> a break-in in an alexandria home leaves one woman dead and another in the hospital. that is our top trending story
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on tremors in ocean city turn out to be a sonic boom. doug's forecast for the weekend. you can read all the stories now on >> you have probably seen standup desks and heard about all the as is with built-in treadmills. look at this. a couple of news anchors in south carolina laced up their sneakers and read the 10:00 news while doing a little cardio. s in greenville have run a story about a growing trend in office is using the standup workstations. they were offered a chance to try it out. >> if one of them hits a button on that -- >> they go flying. >> breaking news, baby. >> he is wearing those bright red shoes. so funny. red shoehere are two laptops.
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>> tomorrow, beautiful weather. sunshine. over the weekend, it changes. a couple of storm systems, minor disturbances. maybe some minor accumulation. as we get back to early next week, we started the colder. by next wednesday and thursday, there is possibly a more significant system. a lot of time to work out the details. we will do that for you tomorrow. >> we have been there before. ok. >> that is it for us. ok. >> that is it for us. and when courtney is sick and e cold in her own home... it just breaks her mother's heart. courtney is winning her fight with leukemia, but her mother had to quit working,
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and the heating bills just keep piling up. my little pal, dylan, continues his fight against cancer, while his dad works two jobs to keep food in the fridge and oil in the tank. lyndsay's mother still struggles to keep the heat on, ...even though lindsay, thank goodness, is in remission. citgo petroleum, the people of venezuela and president maduro are once again the only oil company, and the only country, to answer our call to provide heating assistance to the poor. they make it possible for non-profit citizens energy to deliver millions of gallons of heating oil to families in need. i'm joe kennedy. if you need help, call me at 1-877-joe-4-oil. because no one should be left out in the cold.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight the cast of "the monuments men." george clooney. bill murray. john goodman. bob balaban. kate blanchett. and more. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ applause ]
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s. >> jimmy: hi, everyone. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. it's my pleasure to have you here. i appreciate it. you're very nice and i'm glad. i have to start the show with an apolo apology. the cast of the "the monuments crew was supposed to be here. instead i'll be sfwer viewing the cast of ice loves cocoa. we were able to get ice and cocoa. he really does love her. have you ever seen a movie so much you wish you could invite


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